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10 Pieces Of Advice To Raise A Lovable Cat

These 10 steps will allow you to encourage warm, loving and affectionate behaviours in your cat.

  1. Be calm and kind. Make sure you don’t scare your cat when he is with you and don’t have anything around you that can also scare him. Above all, he needs to learn that he is safe and that he can have confidence. If something happens that scares your cat (a book falls to the ground), let it go and come back when it is ready.

  2. Be present. It’s important Spending time with your cat is absolutely necessary to raise it well. If you’re never there to pamper him, play with him and develop a bond, you can’t expect him to be affectionate with you. Take the time for your chat. Two sessions a day would be a minimum.

  3. Make him happy. Think about giving him affection and tasty bites. When a friend visits you, give him treats that he can offer to your cat. If he is shy, your friend will just have to ignore him until he approaches by himself.

  4. Affection. Affection. Affection. Talk to your cat, make sure your environment is right for him and spend time cuddling him every day, but not too much.

  5. Teach him tricks, To be clear, cats are not dogs. They are wilder and only partially domesticated. However, some cats can learn a few things, like walking on a leash. Working on certain things with your cat can solidify your relationship.

  6. Talk to him. Use a friendly and slightly elevated tone and let him know what you’re doing. Repeat the same words often and associate them with treats to help your cat anticipate certain behaviors, such as bedtime or meal time.

  7. Gently & Gradually Get it used to visitors, children and friendly dogs: the sooner you get your cat used to a variety of people, animals, places and things, the easier the process will be.

  8. Play with it. Playing is an excellent opportunity to connect with your cat and develop good behaviors if done correctly. Be sure to let your cat “kill” at the end of the game, otherwise he will be dissatisfied.

  9. Reward his attention If your cat rubs your legs or jumps on you for a hug, drop what you’re doing and reward him with a mark of affection, because that’s what he’s looking for at the time.

  10. Go easy on him if he is afraid or embarrassed. Show your cat that he is safe by letting him approach by himself and on his terms, even if it takes weeks. Give them enough space to hide and define what they love – a treat or toy can be used to engage in interaction.