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What is catnip? What happens when our darling feline rubs shoulders with it and purrs with pleasure?

Cat grass, also known as catnip, is a plant that borders on mint. Other plants are also part of the cat herb family, including germandree and valerian.

Guaranteed Pleasure
Cat grass secretes a substance of the terpene family, the népétalactone, which acts on the nervous system of some cats by triggering the production of pheromones. The effect is sometimes so dramatic that masters have the impression that their animal is drunk or drugged. He can roll on his back, rub on the plant, chew on it. He only feels the effects for about ten minutes. However, not all cats have the chance to feel this pleasure, some would be genetically insensitive to the herb.

Cultivate the Catnip
Once your feline has tasted this pleasure, he would gladly ask you more if he could speak. You can grow them and give them this treat throughout their lives. Nothing could be simpler!

Catarius is a perennial plant that is easy to grow and gives excellent yield. It is sown in spring in a sunny place and in well-drained soil. In addition to being able to offer your companion fresh cat grass, you can dry it to turn into bundles that will be used as toys or keep it in the refrigerator or freezer.