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Euthanasia: A Necessary Pain

It is generally very difficult to talk about euthanasia, especially when it directly concerns a pet that has been cherished for many years.

As animal lovers, we often hesitate to have our animal euthanized because it cannot speak, we do not clearly know its needs and do not know whether it is suffering or not.

But when is it necessary or even moral to have your animal euthanized?

The idea of having your pet euthanized initially arises when the owner realizes that he has done everything he can to save him, without success. We will then have to take the situation into consideration and think about shortening the agony and suffering of the animal by agreeing to carry out the inevitable euthanasia. It goes without saying that we will always feel a bit “guilty” about “putting our companion to sleep”, but this decision is not taken lightly and will respect your limits as well as those of your pet. In a case like this, it is to love him to choose to euthanize him.

Today, it is not only the incurable disease that explains or justifies the euthanasia of an animal. It is increasingly morally accepted to have an animal euthanized for one of the following reasons:
  • The animal needs more care or attention than originally planned;
  • You no longer have time to deal with the latter;
  • You move and the animal is not accepted;
  • The animal is too cumbersome;
  • The animal develops a harmful and uncontrollable aggression;
  • Having a new baby is a concern or a problem;
  • The animal is a gift you cannot accept;
  • The animal has a health problem, but veterinarian fees are far too important for what your budget can bear;
  • Etc.
For many people, however, euthanasia is an absolutely abominable, if not unacceptable, solution. It goes without saying that euthanasia is a hot topic and that opinions differ widely from one person to another and, above all, from one situation to another. Most of the time, however, euthanasia is more accepted than abandonment, but it remains essential to always ensure that we have considered all the options available to us before making a final decision. It is not for nothing that we strongly recommend that you take the time necessary to properly analyze all the possibilities when choosing to purchase a pet:
  • Does my schedule allow me to give my pet the time he needs?
  • Is the space I have to offer him suitable for his needs?
  • Does my budget allow (food, annual veterinarian, toys, etc.)?
  • Does my budget also allow me to foresee possible unforeseen events (diseases, etc.)?
  • Do I foresee a child coming into my life soon, and if so, is it problematic for us to have an animal?
  •  Is my entourage aware of my ability to bring an animal into the house unexpectedly?Whatever the reason that will cause you, in spite of everything, to have your animal euthanized, know that you must make peace with yourself and with your decision. If you have taken all necessary measures to avoid as much as possible reaching this solution, if your animal suffers from disease or old age or if it is aggressive, then euthanasia will probably be your last way out.
Whether we agree with that choice or not, whether it’s moral or not, whether it’s necessary for your animal’s well-being, or just your animal’s well-being.... if euthanasia proves to be your choice, it is because you will be at peace with your decision and it will have been carefully considered and analyzed.

If euthanasia is necessary because of a painful illness or end of life, then enjoy these last moments with your pet! He is your companion, your confidant, your friend, and has been for a long time in most cases!! And although his time has come, the fact remains that he has the right to be surrounded by all those he loves and to whom he has been so faithful all these years. In this case, your decision is directly related to the welfare of your animal, so why would you feel guilty!

It is to your credit to have enough love for him to give him a chance to leave with dignity and without unnecessary pain! This is just a way out!