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Finding The Right Refuge To Adopt Your Pet

When we make the decision to adopt a pet, the first idea that comes to mind is to go to a pet store. But why not kill two birds with one stone by visiting an animal refuge! One benefit will be to do a good deed by adopting an animal that only wants to be loved and cared for, and the other benefit will be that adopting an animal in a shelter has its share of benefits. It is therefore important that you find the right shelter that will help you find the perfect friend for you and your family.

An animal refuge worthy of the name places the welfare and happiness of the animal first. The future host family should be able to visit the facilities to see if the animals seem well treated, for example, in terms of the cleanliness of the premises and the level of care provided. During this visit, visitors will also notice if the animals have access to water at all times and if the living spaces are free of excrement and excessive dirt. Animals should generally be well maintained, responsive and alert. If dogs look sluggish, don’t respond or are afraid, something may be wrong. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Sick animals must be isolated from healthy animals; a critically ill dog must not be in contact with other dogs.

A good shelter should not accept more animals than its maximum capacity.

Adoption Process
The animal shelter should have an adoption policy and a contract. A background check of future owners of the animal should be done and references may be required. An animal may not be placed with these owners if the shelter has doubts about the animal’s future welfare.

The animal shelter should always return its adopted animals if placement fails. The contract should include a clause stating that the pet must be returned to the shelter if the host family changes their mind for any reason.

In addition, the shelter will never place an animal as a surprise or gift to the owners. They will always be involved in the adoption process.

It is good to remember that the goal is to match the right pet with the right people.

Health and Well-Being
A reputable shelter will perform a full medical check-up on the animals. We will also work with the veterinarian to ensure that the basic vaccines are up to date. If veterinary care is required, animals should be given the necessary attention and treatment. The future owner should be informed of the animal’s state of health and receive the medical records at the time of adoption.

All pets should be sterilized-castrated before placing. If for any reason sterilization-castration cannot be performed prior to placement (for example, the pet is too young or for a medical reason), this should be included as a requirement in the adoption contract. The shelter should follow up to ensure that the procedure is completed.

Behavioural Assessments
The shelter should conduct a behavioural assessment of the animal to ensure the safety of future owners. In addition, this step will also help in the adoption of the animal. The shelter should at least provide care for the animal for a minimum of two weeks to take the time to properly assess and know the animal.

A good shelter should inform you if the animal has a behaviour problem and be able to recommend a trainer or behavioral specialist.

Remember that an animal has not placed itself in a shelter. An unfortunate event in his life resulted in him being abandoned and homeless. Take your time when you decide to adopt an animal. It will be your friend for life.