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Tips For Your Dog’s Well-Being This Winter

Here are some tips for your dog’s well-being this winter:

- During periods of extreme cold with wind chill, it is preferable to limit the time of the daily walk.

- It is strongly recommended to opt for a coat for the most delicate dogs. Animo etc offers a wide selection of warm and waterproof coats, available in stores or on the online shop.

- If your dog is cold-resistant and goes outside regularly during the day, it is best to increase your dog’s food intake. Indeed, its energy needs will be much greater during the winter.

- You can wash your dog in the winter, even in cold weather. However, it is important to use a quality shampoo that will nourish the skin and promote the replacement of sebum lost during cleansing. This natural fat helps protect from the cold.

- Of course, after cleaning, make sure you dry your dog completely, with a dryer, before exposing it to the cold.

- Remember to protect your dog’s paw pads from snow and salt to avoid irritation. You can opt for dog slippers, or use a moisturizing balm designed specifically to protect the pads. Both products are available in one of our Animo etc stores  .

- Keep a close eye on your buddy while they play outside to ensure they are not ingesting large amounts of snow. Too much snow can lead to digestive problems and severe gastritis. If necessary, choose a specialized feed to control and prevent digestive disorders.