Tips & tricks

The fishes

The cyprinids (ex. goldfish)

Goldfish are often so called because of their stereotypical color, but they now exist in a very wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes. With the ideal conditions, some can live even more than 20 years! To give your fish an optimal environment, it is important to carefully control the acidity of the water (pH) before and during their life and provide them with optimal space for the species present in the aquarium. Since there are thousands of types of goldfish, it is recommended to optimize the aquarium according to the species, be it the bottom, the rocks or the plants. The vast majority of goldfish species can coexist with each other. The choice and quantity of food given will have an impact on their behavior and longevity. Finally, it is necessary to clean the aquarium and its equipment regularly and to make sure that the water is always clean.

The cichlids

Cichlids are mostly fish that are larger than goldfish but it is best left alone in the aquarium because some are naturally formidable predators. However, with the proper care, you will not become prey, although it is important to pay attention to his fingers because some species, like the popular 'Oscar', have very sharp teeth. Cichlids are above average when compared to other types of fish. These are mostly nocturnal species. Once he recognizes you, you will become his trusted person to feed and care for him.

...and the others

There is a very wide variety of aquarium fish species and the choice in pet shops is often very large. To learn more about the different species of aquarium fish that exist, you can consult this very complete reference (Wikipedia) or ask for advice at an Animo branch etc near you ..