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Bud'z Toy mini with balls and sisal - grey - 25cm
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The Bud'z cat tree is a mini tree with pompons and a wrapped sisal holder that is a perfect scratching post for cats.

Bud'z Comfrot flat bed - grey - 29.5"X19"X2"
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The flat pet bed of Bud'z is ideal for putting in the bottom of the cage. It will add comfort when your pet is there. The flat bed can also be placed  outside the cage as an everyday bed. ...

Bud'z Toy spider - 4"
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The plush shaped spider, making it a perfect doggie for naps or play.

Bud'z Toy pink seahorse - 4.5"
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Büd'z's seahorse-shaped plush toy is sweet, making it perfect for naps or play.

Bud'z Toy latex spotted pig "squeaker" yellow - 8"
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Toy in the shape of a pig.Contains a squeaker that makes a pig noise.

Bud'z Car seat covers gray/orange - 53" x 63"
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Cover for the seats of the car.Provides protection against scratches and dirt.

Feline Fresh Litter Odor Control Natural Pine - 9.1kg 9.1kg
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This litter absorbs 4X liquids odors. It does not dust, as well as being disposable, biodegradable and caking. No chemicals or additives are added!Pine cat litter that instantly controls unwanted odors.Disposable to the toilet and biodegradable.Nice smell of pine ...

Bud'z Toy ball with feather jar
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Interactive toy for cat.Ball with very cute feathers.Stimulates the natural instincts of the cat.

Dental care dissolving tablets, pk 8
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Dissolving tablets help prevent plaque and tartar.It dissolves in water and releases substances to fight bad breath. It also contains calcium for stronger teeth.

Bud'z Toy latex chicken "squeaker" - 9,5"
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Latex toy with beautiful finish.Contains a squeaker for hours of pleasure.

Bud'z Scratching Post Classic 2 Level & Post - brown - 50x50x62.5cm
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Features multiple scratching posts. One cozy condo for sleeping. Sisal scratching posts are the perfect outlet for your cat's natural scratching needs. A great way to save your furniture and carpet from wear and tear.

Bud'z Toy rubber disk - medium - blue - 3,5''
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Robust rubber disc.Ideal for storing treats.

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