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Bud'z Puppy Pads 100 units - 56cm x 56cm
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Puppy Pads composed of 5 layers, which dry quickly, and have been treated to encourage the puppy or the dog to use them. Neutralizes odors.

Bud'z Bed deluxe grey - 59" x 39"
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The Büd'z deluxe dog bed is very soft, your dog will certainly love it. Your dog can stretch all the way without being bothered by a bulky outline.

Bud'z Toy latex spotted pig "squeaker" yellow - 8"
0 évaluations

Toy in the shape of a pig.Contains a squeaker that makes a pig noise.

Bud'z Toy rubber ball - medium - pink - 3,5''
0 évaluations

Soft ball of pink color.These interactive balls will give you nice parts to "go get" with your dog.

Bud'z Car seat covers gray/orange - 53" x 63"
0 évaluations

Cover for the seats of the car.Provides protection against scratches and dirt.

Chien Futé - Transport bag vegan leather - black
0 évaluations

Very nice vegan leather carrying bag, black color. This carrier can be worn by hand or on the shoulder while matching your outfit.

Bud'z Toy braided rope - 13,5"
0 évaluations

Sturdy rope toy.Rope to bring back.

SOS Odeurs Magic Shampoo Skunk - 250ml
0 évaluations

Animal Shampoo that contains a unique odor neutralizer against skunk smell.

Bud'z Toy plush bear cub - 7,5''
0 évaluations

Beautiful and fun.Durable and of good quality.

Bud'z 20' Tie out (up to 25lbs)
0 évaluations

Very strong and durable cable.Allows your dog to walk safely.

Bud'z Toy latex pig "squeaker" blue - 3"
0 évaluations

Toy in the shape of a pig.Contains a squeaker that makes a pig noise.

Replacement filters for drinking fountains - pk 3
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The filters are offered in packs of 3.To keep fresh and pure water.

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