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Nutrience Original - Healthy Kitten – Chicken meal with brown rice 2.5kg
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Healthy Kitten – Chicken Meal with Brown Rice RecipeQuality chicken as the first ingredient in Nutrience Original Healthy Kitten formula helps ensure your kitten’s optimal growth.Healthy Muscle Development:Growing ...

Oven-Baked Tradition Cat - Cans - Turkey Pate 156g
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If you’re looking for a food with more fresh meat and no grains, with natural ingredients, high protein and low fat, the Oven-Baked TraditionTM canned food is is a wise choice and a conscious decision. It’s a natural and homestyle stew. No Carrageenan, Guar gum and Xanthan gum Fresh meat. Grain ...

Go! Cat - Tetra Pak - Carnivore - Grain free - Chicken, turkey and duck 182g
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GO! SOLUTIONS CARNIVOREGRAIN FREE CHICKEN, TURKEY + DUCK PÂTÉPacked with drool-worthy animal proteins for your furry little carnivore. This grain-free, protein-rich recipe provides complete & balanced nutrition to help your cat stay healthy, fit and ...

Oven-Baked Tradition Cat - Natures Code - Free Grain - Chicken 4.5kg
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Formula that contains no grain and no gluten! Ideal for cats of all ages and all races. With Omega-3 & 6 for a skin and a silky, shiny coat. Enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin to support mobility.Ingredients Chicken meal, pea starch, tapioca flour, ...

1st Choice Senior cat - Less Active - Chicken 5.4kg
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Mature - less activeAll BreedsSenior (10 + years)Our 1st Choice Mature - Less Active formula is the perfect choice for your pampered senior feline friend. Enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin to promote joint health. Special nutrients and antioxidants help ...

Orijen Cat & Kitten 1.8kg
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CAT & KITTENCats and kittens possess a biological need for animal protein. Descended from the Near Eastern wildcat, they have evolved to require a diet that is rich in animal ingredients, in order to maintain peak health. ORIJEN Cat & Kitten contains richly ...

Oven-Baked Tradition Cat - Fish 4.5kg
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This food has been formulated for adult cats (Interior or exterior). Its perfectly balanced and ideal for maintenance.Our food is slowly cooked at low temperature in the oven.Our recipes are made in small portions to ensure freshness and quality.We incorporate ...

1st Choice Kitten - Healthy Start - Shredded chicken 85g
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Healthy StartAll BreedsKitten (2 - 12 months)Our 1st Choice - Healthy Start wet formula is the ideal complement to dry food for your kitten. This shredded chicken recipe brings an appreciated variety to the menu! Kittens love to explore new tastes and textures. ...

Pronature Holistic Cat - Mediterranéa 2kg
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MEDITERRANÉAALL LIFE STAGESAll BreedsHigh Fish ProteinThe MEDITERRANÉA recipe is inspired by Mediterranean culinary traditions and offers a perfect balance between fiber and antioxidants. It encourages eating a rich variety of ...

Orijen Cat - Tundra 5.4kg
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TUNDRAA diet rich in animal protein is what your cat would hunt and eat in the wild. ORIJEN Tundra offers 40% protein from goat, wild boar, ranch-raised venison, Arctic char, free-run duck, and mutton, including meat, organs, cartilage, and bone, providing them with all the protein and ...

Pronature Life Cat - Instinct - Recipe with a high content of animal proteins - All stages of life 20kg
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NEW!! INSTINCT >> PROTEIN+Inspired by cats' natural diet and their preference for meat, INSTINCT recipe holds the highest protein content of the entire Pronature Life range. Whether he's a great hunter or a comfortable stay-at-home kind of cat, our INSTINCT recipe will meet all ...

Boréal Cat - Cans Tuna Red White Fish In Gravy 80g
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BORÉALRED TUNA WITH WHITEFISH IN GRAVYOur Boréal canned cat foods are 95% meat and are designed to have almost no carbohydrate to lower the risk of unwanted weight gain.  Our Red Tuna series is made with dark muscle red tuna meat and like all our ...

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