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Zoo Max Bird - 20' paper rope - (7/16 "-. 450")
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New Paper Rope. Made of kraft paper your bird will have fun shredding this rope. You can also use it for foraging by unwinding the rope a hide a treat inside. Twisted back and watch your bird have fun.

Fun Max Fun Max - Touffy Médium
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Corrigated plastic with crinkle paper hidden inside. Birds have fun to pull the paper out.

Zoo Max Zoo-Max - Bird - Shred-X - 19" X 6"
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Made from 100% cotton rope & sisal rope, vegetable leather strips. Big leather pieces for middle, and various wood parts for more fun. Lot s to play. The middle is made of cotton rope, with a stretching machine,make it almost impossible to untie. Preening

Zoo Max Bird - Ring of Cotton - 14'' x 20''
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Very tuff toy, made of 100% cotton rope. They will love to perch on it. Confortable for the bird feet.

Zoo Max Bird - Groovy blocs - Parrot toy - 12 pièces
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Blocks of soft wood. For a better activity, the center allows you to put delicious treats to stimulate your bird in search of food. Colored with food coloring, so they are safe for the health of birds. ...

Zoo Max Zoo-Max - Bird - Slice Shred-X - Small
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New toy application made of safe FDA non toxic approved paper board. Fun to shred, with coton rope.

Zoo Max Bird - 28 wood rings
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Parts for the Teacher Toy, 28 wood rings.

Zoo Max Bird - Wood Slice Small - 12 unit
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Wood Slice Dimension:5/16" High1 1/4" Width2" Long

Zoo Max Zoo-Max - Bird - Snack-Max Raw Peanuts 175g
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Arachides Crue frais pour un petit regal pour votre oiseaux. Les arachides sont riches en nutriments, fournissant plus de 30 éléments nutritifs essentiels et les phytonutriments. Arachides sont une bonne source de niacine, folate, fibre, magnésium, vitamine E, manganèse et ...

Zoo Max Bird - 20 leather - 1 "x 1"
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To built new toys or rebuilt to the one you have. Vegetable leather squares 1in X 1in Pack: 20. To built new toys or adding to the one you have.

Zoo Max Bird - Buddy - 10''
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Fun to clim in to the toy. Many composents, leather, cotton rope, sisal rope, small plastic beads & wood.

Zoo Max Zoo-Max - Bird - Spring-O-Bird
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Spring rope made of safe poly.

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