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Bud'z Round Cuddler Small Gray - 17,5''x15,5''
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Fabric bed comfortable and machine washable. The middle cushion is reversible to change the look or texture (a soft side, and a fabric side).

Bud'z Toy blue fish + tube of catnip - 4.5"
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The fish-shaped toy has a small pocket for inserting catnip. The different textures of the plush makes a toy more than stimulating for your cat.

Bud'z Toy floating chick - blue - 9"
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Toy in the shape of a chick.With these electrifying colors and fun shape, this chick will make happy.Made of durable fabrics and contains a big squeaky ball.

Bud'z Metal stake and cable 15'
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This spiral pile is screwed manually into the ground.Very strong and durable cable.Allows your dog to walk safely.

Bud'z Cradle shaped teaser with balls - grey
0 évaluations

From the Büd'z collection, this toy has the shape of a rocking cradle. With 3 spring toys, it awakens the senses of your cat.Format 15cm 

Bud'z Toy Plush Monster "igor" Floral Pattern Blue - 12''
0 évaluations

He is funny and funny.He has a screamer to stimulate your dog.

Bud'z Toy latex cow "squeaker" - 5,5"
0 évaluations

Latex toy with beautiful finish.Contains a squeaker for hours of pleasure.

Bud'z Toy ball with feather jar
0 évaluations

Interactive toy for cat.Ball with very cute feathers.Stimulates the natural instincts of the cat.

Bergamo Gispy small metal door - pet carrier fuschia - 46x31x32cm
0 évaluations

Plastic transport cage with metal door. Easy to carry your pet.

Bergamo Filter Ariel
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Charcoal filter to avoid unpleasant odors.

Bergamo Filter Romeo
0 évaluations

Charcoal filter to avoid unpleasant odors.

Bud'z Plush Toy With Cotton Long Neck Monkey - 15''
0 évaluations

Long-haired soft toy containing a scream.A strong rope and a fun shape.

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