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Chien Futé - Vegan leather wallet - black
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Black vegan leather wallet. Elegant and Chic with 2 large interior compartments and zipper.

SOS Odeurs Odors control Smokeraser - 250ml
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Neutralizer of cigarette and cigar odorsSmokEraser is an odor neutralizer that removes smoke odors from cigarettes and cigars on fabrics in the home (carpets, clothes, sofa, mattresses, etc.) and in the car (car seat, carpet, belt ). Made with alcohol, SmokEraser does ...

SOS Odeurs Cage Elimin-O-Dours - 500ml
0 évaluations

Dual-action product that cleans cages and neutralizes urine and faeces odors in rodent cages.

AMD Ritmed Cohesive bandages printed 2"
0 évaluations

Cohesive tape for pets, dogs and cats.This cohesive band is torn by hand, no need for scissors. It is self-adhesive without sticking to the hair and it resists water and perspiration. This band is ideal to make a bandage on a wound, irritation and to ...

ThootPaste and ThootBrush for Paws
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The brushes use 3 independent flexing heads to reach up the gum line on all sides. The unique finger brush allows you to have a firm grip, while the toothpaste has a great vanilla flavour most dogs love. Nylon bristles and high quality rubber make all products dishwasher safe.

SOS Odeurs Bye Bye! Animal neutralizer - 250ml
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Humidity odor neutralizer for animal coatBye! Bye! is a no-rinse odor neutralizer made from natural ingredients and superior quality. Bye! Bye! Eliminates odors of moisture or wet hair on dogs and horses during the hot season. It is safe for ...

AMD Ritmed Cohesive bandages assorted 2"
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Non-adhesive care dressing for dogs and cats. Do not stick to the hair on the wound. Latex free, self-absorbing, hydrophobic and breathable, intended for the fixation of dressings on tromatic or surgical wound of dogs and cats. It contains a bitter taste repellent to prevent the animal from ...

Atasuki Melamine furniture for terrarium - black
0 évaluations

Enhance your terrarium with this black melamine furniture.Size: 47 '' X 20 ''

Blue Duck Dane Magret and Cider Vinegar 60G
0 évaluations

Two ingredients only: BLUE DANE Duck Strips are made with Human Grade Duck tenderloin purchased from a federally inspected facility. We use apple cider vinegar for added nutritional and health benefits. Unlike other products BLUE DANE treats DO NOT CONTAIN nitrates, sulfates or harmful additives.

SOS Odeurs Floor Cleaner and pet odor neutralizer - 500ml
0 évaluations

D-500 is a cleaner and an odor neutralizer. This product eliminates odors caused by animals in your indoor and outdoor environment.Advantages :Cleaner and animal odor neutralizerD-500 eliminates urine odors on floorsEliminates skunk odor inside and outside the ...

SOS Odeurs Cage Elimin-O-Dours - 114ml
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S.O.S  Cage odor control

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