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Bud'z Toy ball jar 4cm
0 évaluations

Small plastic ball for cats Büd'z with bell.

Bud'z Toy pink seahorse - 4.5"
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Büd'z's seahorse-shaped plush toy is sweet, making it perfect for naps or play.

Bud'z Toy pink bird - 6,5"
0 évaluations

Büd'z's cuddly cat-shaped stuffed animal is sweet making it a perfect doggie for naps. The wings make a noisy paper noise to stimulate your cat.

Ducky World Mini Sachets Catnip - 4g
0 évaluations

This catnip is sure to get your cat YEOWWW-ing! The Yeoww Mini Singles Catnip is made from 100% organically grown catnip. It is guaranteed to have no cotton fillers or be unfiltered. Plus the Yeoww Mini Singles Catnip will have your cat going crazy! So catnip it up with the Yeoww Mini Singles ...

Bud'z Tent - 26" x 25" - grey
0 évaluations

Nice tent for very trendy cat! This teepee-shaped tent is perfect for all cats. Your little cat will love to take a nap out of sight on his soft cushion or hide there to find a little tranquility.

Bud'z Toy ball with feather jar
0 évaluations

Interactive toy for cat.Ball with very cute feathers.Stimulates the natural instincts of the cat.

Loving Pets Bella bowl lilac with fish - extra small
0 évaluations

Stainless steel bowl resistant to bacteria. Beautiful and functional, this revolutionary design combines stainless steel and polyresin. Removable soy-based rubber ring prevents splashing and reduces noise. Before putting it ...

Bud'z Toy Golden Mouse- 2,5'' (2 un)
0 évaluations

2.5 " Mice for cat are fun, interactive and challenging. They are offered in packs of 2.

Bergamo Filter Ariel
0 évaluations

Charcoal filter to avoid unpleasant odors.

Bud'z Tree 2 hideaways - grey - 40x40x58cm
0 évaluations

Cat tree with two hiding places, ideal for small spaces. A scratch is integrated. It is comfortable and of a high quality.

Bud'z Toy swing stick fish
0 évaluations

This toy is both beautiful, fun, durable and of good quality.

Bud'z Cat - Scratch box catnip large - 56x22x5cm
0 évaluations

Entice your cat to scratch and play with the fun Pet Pals Paw Shaped Cat Scratch Box. Designed with a unique shape and a sisal mat for vigorous scratching, the scratch box encourages appropriate scratching behavior.

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