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SOS Odeurs Magic Shampoo Skunk - 250ml
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Animal Shampoo that contains a unique odor neutralizer against skunk smell.

Bergamo Tray for puppy pads 22" x 22" - mocaccino
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Plastic tray to securely attach absorbent training mats to your puppy or small dog.

Bud'z Deluxe 2 Doors Crate W Divider 122x75x81cm (48")
0 évaluations

Robust metal cage with an inner panel that allows to adapt the size of the cage. Top plastic tray leakproof.

Bud'z 20' tie out (up to 60lbs)
0 évaluations

Very strong and durable cable.Allows your dog to walk safely.

Dome bed - black - 45cm
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Dome Dog Beds The round pet bed with soft and comfortable interior. It is perfect for pets that like to to curl up or sleep ...

Training Pads
0 évaluations

Dog Training Pads, fast absorbing.Biodegradable, hypoallergenic and transform the liquid in gel.

Loving Pets Bol Bella Coeur Valentin - red - medium
0 évaluations

Same strength as standard stainless steel bowls.They are durable and can be put in the dishwasher.They have an anti-slip.

Bud'z Plush Toy With Cotton Long Neck Jaguar - 15''
0 évaluations

Long-haired soft toy containing a scream.A strong rope and a fun shape.

Bud'z Toy plush monster "loomy" floral pat green - 11''
0 évaluations

He is funny and funny.He has a screamer hidden in his stuffing.

Bud'z Toy plush monster "igor" floral pattern pink - 12''
0 évaluations

He is funny and funny.He has a screamer to stimulate your dog.

Bud'z Toy rubber ball with treat hole - blue - 3,5"
0 évaluations

Rubber ball with a hiding place for treats.

Bud'z Cuddler Red/black - 24''x20''
0 évaluations

Fabric bed comfortable and machine washable. The middle cushion is reversible to change the look or texture (a soft side, and a fabric side).

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