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Zoo Max Zoo-Max - Bird - Shrubby - Medium
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Made from 100% cotton rope & sisal rope, vegetable leather strips. Big leather pieces for middle, and various wood parts for more fun. Lot s to play. The middle is made of cotton rope, with a stretching machine,make it almost impossible to untie. Preening

Fun Max Agabus Large Bird
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Leather toys and various pieces for your Smalls Parrots. Made from 100% cotton rope, natural sisal rope, vegetable leather parts, the middle is made of vegetable leather. Use acrylic for rebuild your toys. Table toys

Zoo Max Bird - Crinkle Paper Box - 3" x 3" x 8"
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Small corrigated plastic box with crinkle paper hidden inside. Birds have fun to pull the paper out of the box.

Zoo Max Zoo-Max - Bird - Slice Shred-X - Large
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New toy application made of safe FDA non toxic approved paper board. Fun to shred, with coton rope.

Zoo Max Zoo-Max - Bird - T-Mammouth
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Mammoth toys are design for medium to large parrots the loves to destroy. Made of hard wood theses are heavy duty toys at a very low price. Long lasting materiel .

Zoo Max Birds - 6 pine wood stars - 3''
0 évaluations

6 star pine wood for building a new toy or to add to an existing toy.  3"

Zoo Max Bird - Teach Box & Bank - small - 3" x 2"
0 évaluations

LEVEL 1: «To Learn How To Learn» • Initiation to the training methodInitiation to training All parrots love to insert objects inside other objects. It is a natural game to them. The goal here is to teach them to do it on command. The Teach Box is rewarding for the bird because it is easy to do. ...

Zoo Max Bird - 60 natural very little ball
0 évaluations

To built new toys or adding to the one you have. 60 Small wood parts,

Zoo Max Bird - Abacus - medium - 8" x 7"
0 évaluations

Collection Jo. Vaillancourt from Fun-Max ABACUS the game of numbers is more abstract to the bird. You must not expect fulgurating results with the first training sessions. You must keep in mind that the main goal of the game is to have fun with your bird. My training method for numbers uses the ...

Zoo Max Zoo-Max - Twiggy X-Small
0 évaluations

Interresting toy. Hard wood toy, with many sisal rope & 100% cotton rope. With many paper rope on a wood dowell 6in. Hang from leather strip with 18 quick link. Use this toy as a hand toy for your Larges Parrots.

Zoo Max Zoo-Max - Tralala
0 évaluations

This small hand toy with lot s leather, is good for your Smalls & Mediums Parrots. They will have fun turning pieces. Made from natural wood & sisal rope, acrylic pieces, vegetable leather parts & strips. Use acrylic for rebuild your toys.

Zoo Max Bird - Ring of cotton - 5'' x 10''
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Very tuff toy, made of 100% cotton rope. They will love to perch on it. Confortable for the bird feet.

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