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Angel Pet Supplies Angel Pet Rio Martingale Dog Collar 18"x1" Red
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This beautifully crafted leather martingale collar combines the functionality of a martingale collar, with the design and comfort that Angel collars are known for. Perfect for training or anti-pulling, this collar offers a more humane alternative to choke collars. Made of 100% genuine harness and ...

Royal Canin German Shepherd Puppy 13.6kg
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GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPY supports optimal development of the immune system, bones and joints, skin and coat, and gastrointestinal system, while the customized kibble has an increased surface area to improve digestibility. GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPY is designed exclusively for purebred German Shepherd ...

Go! Dog - Sensitivities Limited - grains free - salmon 5.4kg
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GO! SOLUTIONS SENSITIVITIESLIMITED INGREDIENT GRAIN FREE SALMON RECIPEOur GO! SENSITIVITIES recipes were created for pets with specific dietary needs. But all dogs will love them! Carefully prepared with all the nutrients your dog requires with as few ...

Greenies Dog - Trial Treat Pak - Teenie 85g
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GREENIES™ Original TEENIE™ Dog Dental TreatsOne GREENIES™ Original Dental Treat a day is all it takes for clean teeth, fresh breath and a happy dog. Your dog can't wait to sink their teeth into these delicious, original-flavor dental dog chews because they feature ...

Northern Dog - Wheat Free - Turkey Cranberry 500g
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Turkey CranberryTasty as a Thanksgiving Dinner! Baked with fresh, food-grade, grain-fed Turkey, raised locally on Ontario farms. We add in whole cranberries, which are also a great antioxidant as well as being helpful in maintaining a healthy urinary tract. Slowly baked with whole ...

Oven-Baked Tradition Dog - Small bites - Grain free - Chicken 2.3kg
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Offered in resealable bags to preserve flavor, aroma and freshness.Grain freeContains catechin (green tea extract) that helps prevent dental plaque.Contains taurine to help maintain a healthy heart and good vision.Inulin ...

Oven-Baked Tradition Dog - Fish - Grain free 5.7kg
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Offered in resealable bags to preserve flavor, aroma and freshness. Pumpkin contains a natural source of antioxydants. It is rich in beta-carotene as well as important vitamins (A, C & E).Glucosamine and chondroitin contributing to the hydration of the cartilage to ...

1st Choice Dog - Hypoallergenic - Potatoes & Duck 2.7kg
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HypoallergenicAll BreedsAdult (1 + year)Our 1st Choice Hypoallergenic formula is ideal for dogs of all breeds over the age of 1 with suspected food allergies resulting in digestive problems. The highly digestible ingredients improve intestinal ...

Go! Dog - Digestive health - Turkey meal mixer 100g
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GO! SOLUTIONS MEAL MIXERSDIGESTIVE HEALTH TURKEY MEAL MIXERGood gut health makes for happy pets (and pet parents). GO! DIGESTIVE HEALTH™ Turkey Meal Mixer by Petcurean is made with a blend of pumpkin, probiotics and prebiotic fibre to support the ...

Espree Dog - High sheen finishing spray - 355ml
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Spray for grooming finish. This vaporizer makes brushing easier and leaves your companion's coat a fresh, natural scent. It also eliminates static electricity.

Midwest Quiet Time Deluxe Ombre* Swirl Pet Beds -Mocha - 48"
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Ideal for use in a cage, carrier, car or even at home. Made of very soft polyester and is fully machine washable.

Bergamo Gispy small metal door - pet carrier fuschia - 46x31x32cm
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Plastic transport cage with metal door. Easy to carry your pet.

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